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Correspondence With UVU Administration About Adjunct Faculty

President Matthew Holland Vice President of Academic Affairs Ian Wilson Senate President John Balden Senate President-Elect David Connelly 21 April 2011 Dear Matt, Ian, John, and David, As members of the UVU faculty and as members of the UVU chapter of the American Association of University Professors, we are disturbed by the letter sent this week to all adjunct faculty indicating a yearly “purge” of adjunct employees. We are also troubled by the lack of antecedent public discussion (or even timely departmental notification) of this important decision. We have been contacted by several angry and disheartened members of the adjunct faculty who are seeking recourse in this matter. As far as we can tell, their strong feelings reach across the faculty. We recognize that federal law requires benefits for those who work thirty or more hours and understand (while not condoning) the University’s consequent desire to limit adjunct hours. However, the decision to follow