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Elimination of Philosophy at UNLV

I SENT THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL TO ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERS AT UNLV: From: David R. Keller To: Neal Smatresk, Michael Bowers, Chris Hudgins Date: Friday, March 11, 2011 9:49 AM Subject: Philosophy at Utah Valley University I am writing about eliminating Philosophy at UNLV. Utah, too, is a place where Philosophy is seen as optional. Yet our young Philosophy baccalaureate degree has provided some lessons. A robust Philosophy program extends well beyond majors to the whole interconnected Liberal Education program. Biology majors, for example, benefit from Bioethics courses; art and literature majors benefit from Aesthetics courses; History majors benefit from History of Philosophy courses; Mathematics majors benefit from Logic courses, and so on. Philosophy is at the core of the Western intellectual tradition. Eliminating the department would severely damage the entire Liberal Education program. It would also send the messag