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Corporatization of American Universities

[from the Chronicle of Higher Education] July 17, 2011 The Strategic Plan: Neither Strategy Nor Plan, but a Waste of Time Michael Morgenstern for The Chronicle Enlarge Image By Benjamin Ginsberg In his new book,  The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters,  Benjamin Ginsberg argues that the explosive growth in administration, the decline in faculty influence, and the institutional corporatization of American universities contributes to a loss of intellectual rigor. Here is an excerpt.   Until recent years, colleges engaged in little formal planning. Today, however, virtually every college and university in the nation has an elaborate strategic plan. Indeed, whenever a college hires a new president, his or her first priority is usually the crafting of a new strategic plan. As in Orwell's  1984 , all mention of the previous administration's plan, which probably had been introduced with great fanfare only a few ye