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Postscript: The Integrated Studies Hiring Case

Speech given to the UVU Faculty Senate 2 September 2014 (after a speech given by IS Chair Wayne Hanewicz and preceding a speech given by AAUP President David Knowlton) Thanks to David Connelly and the executive committee for agreeing to let us bring this to the Senate. This is an awkward position for us. As a Department we have always worked well with the administration of the university. Over the years we have been well respected and well supported. This is awkward in another way as well. When I was President of the UVU Chapter of the AAUP, Ian Wilson and I spoke each year about questions of academic freedom and due process and concerns of the faculty. Kat Brown invited my feedback on new policy related to academic freedom. Current chapter president David Knowlton has worked skillfully to maintain that relationship even as he has represented members of our faculty in problematic cases of academic freedom and due process. Given that history, and given the importa