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Fall Meeting of the UVU Chapter

David R. Keller Chapter of the American Association of University Professors at UVU September 12, 2019 Meeting Our meeting last Thursday was very productive.  Here is a very brief summary. We discussed recruiting membership for our $0.00 dues local chapter.  People merely need to alert Rick McDonald  to become an official local chapter member.  If you can recruit additional faculty or you yourself missed the meeting and want to become an official member, just let Rick know.  Individuals should also consider joining the national AAUP and or the UVU chapter of the AFT.  Membership in the association or union can offer you support in understanding and coping with institutional power. We tackled a number of issues relating to Faculty and Policy: o     We discussed concerns about the due process elements of the RTP appeals process. o     We discussed concerns about due process relating to the policies relevant to faculty termination. o     We discusse