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Memorial for Mike Shively Sponsored by the UVU Chapter of the AAUP: Remarks by Scott Abbott and Jim Harris

In Memory of Our Colleague, Friend, and Family Member Mike Shively And in Protest of the Investigation that Cost Him His Life  Scott Abbott My brother, John Abbott, died of AIDS-related causes in late July 1991. The day we drove to Boise to identify him as our brother and son and to clean out his apartment, I began to write what I called “fraternal meditations.” I needed to mourn. I wanted to remember. I hoped to become a better person through the meditations. That work of mourning was finally published as the book  Immortal For Quite Some Time  twenty-five years later. I’m grateful to have mourned, thankful to have the memories—and on June 3 of every one of the twenty-nine years since John’s death, I have woken on the morning of his birthday and sworn to be a better person—in his memory. This memorial service in honor of Mike Shively brings us together to mourn and to remember and to commit to live better lives. It also gives us the opportunity to draw lessons from the past for a bett