Timeline of the Mike Shively Investigation

The Shively family has published the following timeline, based on their attorney's reading of the UVU report of the investigation:

If the attorney is correct with the timeline, on May 2nd the complaint of threat to the public interest was determined to be unsubstantiated. On that date the suspension should have been lifted. 

On May 8, Mike's department chair told UVU that he was worried about Mike's health after visiting him. UVU took no action, although the ongoing suspension was a clear threat to Mike's physical and mental health. 

Instead, on May 28th they hired an Idaho anatomist to comment on Mike's textbook, prolonging the suspension and the investigation.

The investigation had not yet reached a conclusion by the 19th of August, when Mike passed away.

We urge the Faculty Senate to investigate this investigation. Responsible parties should be censured in some fashion. The fact that the university's General Counsel has resigned (effective at the end of December) is a step toward accountability, but until the full report has been made public we can't rest assured that we are on a fairer, more humane, and reasonable path.


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